Julia Weaver

Reverend Doctor Julia Weaver

Is a fancy title I wouldn’t recognizethereverend_small

if someone happened to address me in that manner.

But it does reflect something of my journey to this arts ministry.

I have been making art ever since I remember.

I have worked in many mediums.

My favorite is weaving & hence my name.

I chose the name to reflect my love & manner of working with fiber.

I later discovered that I have Weber’s (German for weaver)

on both maternal and paternal sides of my family.

My paternal grandfather was an accomplished industrial weaver in Germany

historic_photo& as a young woman my maternal grandmother worked in a weaving mill.

My call interweaves jail chaplaincy and arts ministry.

I work primarily, but not exclusively with women.

I am inspired by the human figure.

I have a profound sense that we are made in Godde’s image.

And Godde is LOVE.

As we have been created, we are called to create.

It is the dance of life. Godde in relationships, family, community

a delicate balance of immanence—being in usstudio9_small

& transcendence—beyond the limits of ordinary experience

My use of Godde for the Divine is simple.

I find it a visually inclusive spelling coming from the olde English.

I pronounce it as I would God.

My organizing principle is the rainbow, also an image of inclusivity.

My life’s work is interwoven with family;

a large extended family,canoe_small

a blending family with eleven grandchildren

& friends.

I love to do all of this outdoors

& hold to a Christian, eco-feminist approach to creation.

If you are interested in learning more about my background,
please check out my resume.

envelope_icon If you are interested in contacting me,
please email me at [email protected]

Images from the journal of my grandfather;
Otto Fisher’s weaving apprenticeship

Silk thread from the Weaving Factory
where my grandmother,Theresa Otto (née Weber),
worked from ages 14 to 17