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Thesis Abstract

Weaving Life/Godde, Beauty and Redemption by Julia Weaver

The objective of this work of art thesis was to create a body of art that embodies a redemptive, restorative quality, enter into a contemplative experience with scripture and thereby more deeply inform the work of art, share the art in several ministry contexts and begin to answer the question, how does beauty redeem? Nine woven garments are completed and have been shared in four ministry contexts. My understanding of redemption was expanded by liberation theologians. The beatitudes and fruit of the Spirit proved to be a strong foundation for the work of art. Beauty redeems.

Doctoral Work Available at Research in Ministry (RIM® online)

humilitylove.jpg sacred_2.jpg griefjoy.jpg sacred_3.jpg gentlenesspeace.jpg sacred_4.jpg justicepatience.jpg sacred_5.jpg mercykindness.jpg sacred_6.jpg honestygenerosity.jpg sacred_7.jpg peacemakingfaithfulness.jpg sacred_8.jpg oppressiongoodness.jpg sacred_9.jpg sufferingselfcontrol.jpg sacred_10.jpg chapel_service.jpg beauty_way-01.jpg